What our Customers are Saying

Fantastic design and rather than the usual shapeless shirts this has a great cut and fit.

Steve, Durham

The fit is snug with a flattering neckline. I love it!

Jane, Oxford

The material is super, really light and wicks away quickly.

Claire, London

This running shirt looks fantastic and has a really comfortable, silky feel against the skin.

Peter, Northwood

I have to honestly say it looks, feels and performs like no other sports shirt I have ever owned.

D.S, Portsmouth

The size runs true, and is just right for comfortable running. So lightweight you hardly know it's there!

Steve, Durham

It looks fantastic with a great design and feels wonderfully light.

Jane, Oxford

The top definitely gets the thumbs up from me. Loved the look, feel, length.

T.J, Bedfordshire

I have to say it is a thing of beauty! Fantastic colours — it looks great on.

Claire, London

Excellent fit and comfort, they have been washed countless times and still retain colour.

Jane, London

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