17 November 2019

The Tortoise and the Hare

If it's worth doing, it’s worth doing it well, however long it takes.

We have been absent for a while, but this is slow, considered clothing that will last - not throwaway, fast fashion. We have been working hard finding more suppliers that meet our standards, without us having to commit to large quantities that require us to overstock.

When we first started Fervour six years ago, we initially looked for UK suppliers, so that we could keep our range manageable and under control. We have now found new UK and European suppliers who can create garments to our standards and with our unique take on activewear, without us having to order large quantities or compromise our style.

The good news is that having found great new suppliers, we can now offer more size choices and unique colour and print options, in smaller quantities.

Fervour will be adding to our family of garments starting this month with our merino collaboration with Foxology.

More releases will come over the coming weeks.

04 September 2019

In The Works

Fervour New Styles Coming Soon

There are things in the works at Fervour. Here's a sneak peek of our upcoming products - using new sustainable fabrics and fibres!

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22 June 2019

Still Here


We’re still here!

We haven’t dropped off the face of the Earth, in fact, we’ve been busy finding the right materials and makers for the next stage of Fervour, taking us to places at home and abroad. The picture above was taken at Performance Days in Munich last month.

Sustainability is at the forefront of our minds, and we’re excited to show you our new developments soon. Watch this space!





10 April 2017

A Pleasant Surprise

So, we’ve been busy with events/life etc, and didn’t open January’s Runner’s World which arrived over Christmas and got put to one side. Found it today, opened it only to find that Fervour had been featured in their Gear of the Year 2016!

We had no idea, and were surprised and delighted - a slight error in the product description, but we’re not complaining!

We have always wanted to produce garments that we are completely happy with, and to do it at our own pace, hence not falling in with the standard seasonal offer in the clothing industry. We aim to design products that will last, improving and perfecting as we go. Slow design, self-funded, rather than fast fashion. Your suggestions and feedback are invaluable in this process and are always welcome. This means that new products will take more time, but rest assured, we are working on it.




We’re pleased to say we’ve been featured in the May 2016 issue of Runner’s World. You can pick up a copy and find us in the Gear section on page 97 or see our snippet below to read more about our story. 

Fervour will also be featured in a product review in the June 2016 issue of Runner’s World – so keep an eye out for us there!


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