07 January 2021

Happy 2021!

Fervour Grace at the Lakes

We're looking forward to brighter times in 2021!

There are new styles in development, including women's leggings, and new vests for men and women.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, and if there is a particular style you'd like to see, please let us know!


So here we are, at the time of writing, in the middle of lockdown 2.0, with many people having to work from home again, and keeping to small household groups. Judging by the numbers out and about here in Bedford, it has proved just as important for people to go outside and stretch their legs, whether walking, running or cycling.

Having a bit more time to exercise has given me the opportunity to open my eyes and ears to this wonderful time of year. I personally have rediscovered the childlike joy of running and walking through the richly coloured autumn leaves and having that rustle and crunch underfoot, dodging (or not) the rain and enjoying the low, brief sun. I have been following a Garmin half marathon training program for a race that will never happen. Instead of just going out aimlessly running it has kept me motivated and challenged, as I prefer to have some structure.

Wearing my other hat as a freelance pattern cutter, I have been surprisingly busy working remotely with my fashion clients. The projects have been varied, from evening and bridal dresses to tailoring and even some uniforms for upmarket restaurants and hotels, so it has turned out a lot more interesting than I expected. More on that perhaps in another blog post.

Living and working alongside Teresa and one of our sons who moved back home just before the first lockdown, has kept me sane and grounded. The other bright side to this situation is that, like many people, I have more time to hone my bread baking hobby and try out some new things. I even baked my first batch of croissants last week, which turned out okay according to my captive tasters!

Turning back to Fervour, we have used this time to work on ideas for the up and coming festive season. For the first time we will be offering gift cards, gift packaging and a 3 for 2 offer to make gift-giving easier, for what might be one of the very oddest Christmases.

So as the nights get to their longest point in a few weeks, there is the tantalizing possibility of being able to get together with loved ones, albeit perhaps not in the same way we did last Christmas.

Like many people, we are looking forward to seeing the end of 2020, but before that we have Christmas with a bright star on the horizon in the form of a vaccine.

Now there is hope for the New Year of 2021.


We have just launched our first specially-priced bundle: any Honor or Frank top, plus your choice of Liberty or Noble shorts, for a combined price of £99. This works out as a discount of £26, which will be applied at the checkout.

 You can choose any size and colour combination, and can mix men's and women's styles, so you could go for a matching set or a his-and-hers combination, whatever you like.

 We plan to introduce different bundle offers with combinations of other styles - watch this space!

Fantastic to see our Purity top featured in the June edition of Runner's World magazine!

The full-page image really does the print justice, and is accompanied by a nice little brand profile.

It's great to be introduced to new customers, which is invaluable to a small brand like us. It all helps, particularly in the difficult times we are all facing.

Thanks Runner's World!

In these uncertain times for everyone, we really appreciated being featured on the Runner's World website and newsletter in April, as part of a group of small British brands to support during lockdown.



Here is the link to the article

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