06 January 2023

Deeper Goals

woman looking on the first sunrise light beams from sun in the alps Austria

Guest post by Max Roger

If you’re reading this, then you likely have a goal - something driving you to get things done. But you need to get deeper than that.

You must get below the surface, and yes it probably involves your childhood.

Why do you have that goal? What is the real driver beneath that? The real goal?

Proving people wrong and avoiding health issues are two big drivers.

For example, are you trying to lose 5kg of body fat? Why? Is it to look better naked? Get deeper. Is it because you were called a ‘fatty’ as a kid, and you want to shake that off? Get deeper. So, you want to prove people wrong about you?

Ok, now you understand your real driver - you’re there to prove people wrong. Understanding this is important as you now have a stronger understanding of what you’re after, so you’ll be 20x more likely to do the things required to achieve it.

Let’s look at a common example with runners: you want a faster 10km time, something that takes you below 40mins. Why? Because that’s a recognised fast time for the average runner. But why is that important to you? Because you want to be seen as a decent runner. But why? Because you love running and it’s a part of your identity, so you want to be good at it. But why is that number important? Because you want other people to see you as good. But what is it about that that matters to you? Because you’re proving people wrong who said that you were not good at sports as a kid.

Two of the big drivers that people often have are proving people wrong and doing something to avoid a health issue they’ve seen with a close family member. Have those in mind when you go through this process yourself (which you should do right now!) to give you a starting point.

Struggling to dig deeper into your goals? Get in touch with me and we will go over the process for this.

Hope everyone had a great holiday,

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