21 October 2013


We are preparing to take delivery of our second release in the next few days, following an unavoidable delay due to the complex nature of printing each panel of the garment individually. It is a time-consuming process which requires great care, and has taken a little longer than anticipated.

As autumn takes hold, our thoughts are drawn to this time last year when we were putting our prototype of Ernest through its paces at the BMW Frankfurt Marathon. It was a cold October weekend; light snow was falling on Saturday morning’s Pretzel Run, heralding a freezing, sunny start for the following day’s race.

Marathon morning dawned cold and bright, but the atmosphere and warmth of the crowd throughout the race kept spirits up. A spectacular red carpet finish in the Festehalle, complete with cheerleaders, music and lightshow, ensured an unforgettable race. We were very happy with Ernest’s performance in the wintry conditions - though lightweight, it kept off the chill, and also elicited favourable comments from other runners. Then it was onwards to Klosterhof for our post-race celebrations; its warm welcome, hearty local fare and beer were perfect for recovering from the day’s exertions!

Everyone at Fervour is wishing a wonderful race to those who are running in Frankfurt next weekend – we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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