23 July 2022

Summer Holiday Training

Guest post by Max Roger


What’s training on your Summer holiday about?  It’s about habits, feeling good and feeling refreshed. 

Learn to enjoy running again - remember why you fell in love with it in the 1st place.

Use your holiday as an opportunity for 3 things:

1. Maintain and cement your healthy habits. Train most days, eat well, sleep well. Keep those things going. It should be easier on your holiday as you have more time!

2. Feeling good. Move in the morning so that physically your body feels good, rather than lethargic. You’ll also mentally feel great for the rest of the day. Doesn’t that sound good? You’ll enjoy your holiday much more if you train in the morning? Yep. Awesome.

3. Feel refreshed. You’ll be more fatigued and in need of an unwind than you think. You only realise this when your body has time away from heavy training, and mentally gets a break from tracking your percentages and reps. No need to chase that 5km split - just get outside and run in the sun! Learn to enjoy it all again - remember why you fell in love with running in the 1st place.

It doesn’t have to be proper training either. Just make sure to move and get some sweat. Day 1 of my holiday I did 10x10 burpees. And it felt amazing.

Some other ideas:

1. Run to the beach, have a dip and run back – don’t time it, just enjoy it.

2. Swim a length of the pool, get out and do 10 squats, swim a length, get out and do 5 pushups – repeat 5 times.

3. Do 10 lunges (5 each side) in your first minute (rest until your minute is up), then 15 squats in the next minute, then 10 sit-ups in the next – repeat 3 times.

These are just examples that you can do right beside your swimming pool, or wherever you have space. Even better if you can do it all outside in the morning, getting some refreshing sun on your skin before the midday heat.

Get in contact with max at max@max-performance.co.uk if you want some ideas for Summer holiday training.

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