07 August 2014


When Fervour was first conceived, the provenance, as well as the quality of the product was a very important aspect of the brand. Not that we wanted to create a specifically ‘eco’ or ‘ethical’ brand – we just felt that all products should be made in a socially responsible way wherever possible, and that if we were going to do this, we should do it properly.


We first looked at manufacturing as close to home as possible, but unfortunately couldn’t find exactly what we wanted here in the UK, so we cast our net further, into Europe. It did take quite a while - several years of searching - but eventually we found someone who fulfilled all of our criteria. We count ourselves very lucky to have found a fantastic manufacturer, and recently had the pleasure of visiting the factory where our products are made.


Nestled in the countryside of northern Portugal, the factory is small but technologically advanced, having all the machinery required to make a high-quality product, with every stage of production carefully considered. It is a light, airy environment, and it was great to see the team in action, expertly crafting the garments.


We were delighted to discover that the director of the factory is also an athlete, so he has an in-depth, technical and practical understanding of the product.  The trip gave us an opportunity to discuss the construction of our new prototypes in great detail, as well as the best way to make improvements to our designs. It’s important to us to see first-hand where, how and by whom our products are made, and we were very impressed with what we found.


We were staying in Porto, making sure to have some time to explore and enjoy the surroundings before returning home. Beautiful architecture (including wonderful examples of Art Deco), good food, lovely people – the trip was very inspiring, both for business and leisure, and we are looking forward to returning in the near future.



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