30 October 2014

Indian Summer

We’re enjoying a beautiful Indian Summer in our part of England. It’s hard to believe autumn has begun – the sunshine has been glorious and there’s a warm gentle breeze, the leaves are starting to turn golden but the grass is still lush and verdant.

October brought the wonderful news of a ballot place for the London Marathon, my second successful attempt in the London ballot, and my seventh city marathon. The weather is perfect for the start of training for the race next April, before the cold dark months set in. Accompanied by Fervour’s lively canine running companion, Fae the Tamaskan, our first proper training run by the river was a real joy.

Both Fae and I were trying out our new kit: Fae has a smart new running harness which tethers us together to run in unison (well that’s the theory, if we can both work out who is the pace setter!) and I have been testing the new Fervour prototypes in our new stretch fabrics. More on these styles in another post!

I’m reminded of the first London Marathon I ran in 2010 with my husband, which was the initial spark that inspired the creation of Fervour. Much like marathon training, creating a new business requires time, stamina and effort. It can be a slow process at the start to be sure to get things right, but if you can dedicate the time, it is ultimately worth it.


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