22 July 2014

Tour de France

There's been so much going on recently (new products in the works, travelling, events and so on) that we're a little behind on keeping up with news! We've decided to do a brief chronological recap to get up to speed, starting with the Tour de France, which commenced a few weeks ago.

Stage Three of Le Tour took off in Cambridge, the historic university city not too far from where Fervour is based. The team was delighted to have the opportunity to witness the exceptional athleticism of the cyclists as they passed through the city streets.

The weather was glorious, highlighting the stunning architecture for which Cambridge is famous, and an enthusiastic crowd turned out to cheer on the peloton as it passed through the city before setting off for London. We had a great view on Trinity Street, and were able to capture the images below. A truly memorable day!


08 June 2014

Onwards and Upwards

Apologies for the radio silence! We have been very busy with moving things forward.

We are now looking for a few select retailers to work with, and exploring other opportunities to spread the reach of our brand.

 As a small, independent brand, there are many challenges, and sometimes things take a little longer than we’d like. Please bear with us!

There are lots of products in the pipeline which will have to be released slowly - alas, we cannot produce everything we want straight away.  After careful consideration, we have selected the next styles to go forward. For these, we have sourced some wonderful new fabrics with great technical features which we’re very excited about.

Looking forward to bringing you more designs, and thank you for all the support. Onwards and upwards!


22 April 2014

Stella Magazine feature

Our creative director, Teresa, was featured with her husband in this weekend's Sunday Telegraph Stella magazine, in a lighthearted makeover piece. She is seen wearing Grace in magenta, and briefly discusses Fervour and her personal style. You can check out the piece here.

We had a great time last Sunday at The Cambridge Boundary Run, our third time there and a run we particularly enjoy. It’s a friendly, relaxed affair organised by students from the university cross-country club, which takes in road and field, trail and track as it circumnavigates Cambridge through the surrounding countryside. Two of us ran: one opting for the half distance, and the other continuing on to complete the full marathon.

Wearing Grace and Ernest, we decided to just enjoy the run, and not worry about speed. (A good thing too: having been decidedly under the weather recently, I very nearly didn’t run, but so glad I did in the end - albeit at a leisurely pace.) It was lovely to be out in the open countryside, following the arrows marked in flour on the ground, accompanied by a motivational message here and there.

Once we finished and found each other, we headed into Cambridge for afternoon tea at Fitzbillies. Their Chelsea buns are legendary and not to be missed! After which, it was time for the traditional celebratory pint of real ale, this time at the cosy Mill Pub. A good end to the day!

23 February 2014

Running Stories

Firstly, there's a wonderful review of our Frank shirt in The Running Stories - a great site, where you can find articles, reviews, race reports and all things running related.  Worth checking out!

We now have a period of calm after the tempestuous weather of the last couple of months. We’ve been lucky here: the only flooding has been to our river run, creating muddy conditions and necessitating some diversions. Running has been a bit of a challenge, but we’re looking forward to our next race, in nearby Cambridge. We’ll let you know how we get on next week.

In the studio, we’re finishing up the next designs to be prototyped. Look out for some sneak peeks in the weeks to come!

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